fil samba3
(Painting by Fil de la Cruz)

The stronger we are, the more we struggle to break free from the ties that bind us. But to most of us it will amount to nothing but a struggle for we have been programmed since birth – programmed to like or dislike certain things, programmed to think and believe some concepts, programmed to behave within the rules of parents or the community, programmed to feel certain emotions. We act according to our DNA.

The closer we are to our parents as we get older, the weaker we have been to fight off certain influences they have exerted over us, along with other “master puppeteers.” The more we look like our parents – physically, professionally, psychologically, spiritually – the less we have become our own person.

Many of us have bowed down to the tyranny of should – how we should behave, what we should become, what we should accept, what we should reject, what should our life be.

We have let others rule us and live our own life.


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