Photo credit: from the movie Inception

Ever thought why we are suckers for films like Inception? Maybe because all the characters have to do is sleep and act out what they can’t do while awake, then gatecrash into others’ dreams, pulverize structures, reconstruct them, and create layers and layers of alternate realities until they get something right.

Whereas in real life, we keep still in our little room, maintain an uneasy truce with nasty neighbors and refrain from doing anything that can stain our reputation.

We love this predictability so much although it reduces us into weak little fools. It’s just too difficult to chase after what we want and deserve.





  1. Hi Ms. Laura. I chanced upon your website in one of my google searches today and I really love your concept and content. Your post on Inception reminded me of some feedback I received on my work called “Two Daydreams” http://clarissepastormedina.com/2015/10/two-daydreams/. I also want to share with you my other coffee paintings which explore identity and diaspora in case you’ll be interested to share them to your readers and audience as well. Salamat! In solidarity, Clarisse Pastor-Medina (www.clarissepastormedina.com)

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