by Carms Luminarias

Sitting here with a white blotch of Oxy on my forehead, I began to stroll down memory lane. My little sister and I attended my aunt’s ‘Bring your kids to work’ event at her office. My aunt, like others in her field, brought along kids. Three year olds. Fat kids. Kids with no manners. Kids with too much manners that acted robotic to me or maybe I am just a rebel. And kids that are just ugly.

My whole point was that there were plenty of children. I was probably one of the oldest, with an exception of two young men who were about my age. Somehow I felt a fruity aura from one of them. But their looks were acceptable and both looked equally intellectual. Moments later, my aunt introduced me to them along with their parents. I shook hands with the normal one, then the fruity one.

He spoke politely and removed any doubt that he was a feminine kind of guy. His voice was so mellow and his hand was limp when we shook hands.

Therefore neither of them was worthy of my sexyhair trick or any further attention. I stood and carefully examined my surroundings. Then from a distance I spotted a ruggedly handsome creature.

I must admit that I was not expecting any company after getting acquainted with Mr. Dull and Mr. Fruity over there. I tugged at my aunt’s shirt as I calmly asked her if she knew who he was. Her response was that he was probably a student assistant or a fresh-out-of-college engineer.

A young hot engineer! I can most definitely get used to seeing you every morning.

While the speaker of the event continued to greet and babble, I continued to enjoy my view. All of a sudden some weirdo lady walked right in front of him that caused me to yell:

“Hey moveee! You’re blocking my view!”

Which then of course made my aunt as well as a lot of people turn. I know I tend to exaggerate but I mean a lot. So I had to tell my aunt that I may have been eyeing someone. She said:

“He is too old for you. Look at him.”

“Oh I’m looking, Auntie, and I am liking it.”

She laughed and shook her head. My little sister, bored of making fun of other kids in her head, looked at me and said:

“He’ll never like you, you’re too weird and ugly.”

So in defense I said:

“Abigail you’re too kind, come hither so I can slap you.”

After a few hateful exchanges of words, we were put into groups for the tour. Truth be told, I was not very pleased with being separated from my hot rugged engineer. Even more losing sight of him as ugly people blurred my view.

Then miracle worked its ways.

We must have been destined to be in each other’s arms.

We must be meant to be hugging and touching, not kissing cause kissing is yucky.

He stood right next to me and no, I did not sniff him to keep a scent memory.

[ There were too many witnesses and bratty children that will snitch on me. ]

Instead I convinced my aunt to pretend to take a picture of my sister but really focusing the camera on my ultra sexy, rugged, hot engineer lover.

Yes, he may look kinda awkward and may need someone to change his style. Also losing that big backpack won’t hurt, but I tell you, in person he has that “I traveled far and battled dinosaurs in search of you” look going on.

And that you can’t beat.

In the end, as we toured around as a group, my whole agenda was all on him, my baby.

On many occasions he would smile at me, sit and stand by my side. If I wasn’t so smart I think he too had a crush on me.

And who could blame him, I sooo used sexyhair trick on him.

Or I was the only sensible person to stand next to because I am the only one who had actually gone through puberty in the whole group.

Yeah, that’s right, you sexy bastard. I felt your eyes on me.



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