In the lounge

kristine mendoza

by Van Kristine Mendoza



Today, while I was tinkering on my computer, you sat across me. You did small talk. I replied just like the way I always do; subtly and tonelessly.



You yawned. Obviously, you’re bored with me. You folded your arms and lay your head on it. Did you notice that I was watching you behind my glasses?




You closed your eyes and took a nap. I was conscious of you sleeping next to me. I wanted to take off your eyeglasses and kiss those eyes. I wanted to caress your forehead and run my fingers through your hair. I wanted to fold my arms, too and sleep beside you. Were you dreaming of someone? I wish I could be a part of your dreams.




You opened your eyes and that broke the spell. I pretended to work on my computer. You gathered your things and politely asked to be excused (you’ll always be such a perfect gentleman to me). You went your way. I was left in that room.




            I and my computer. Now, I write this down for you.



            I’m not a boring girl, you see.



I’m just somebody who’s secretly loving you from a distance.




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