Hotel Job, sinigang na hipon await returning OFWs who served Qaddafi’s relative

MANILA, Philippines – Job opportunities and a mouthwatering meal await the two overseas Filipino workers who recently escaped their employer who is a relative of deposed Libyan leader Col. Moammer Qaddafi.

Susan Ople, head of the Blas F. Ople Policy Center, said the two Pinays, Diana Jill Rivera and Mary Anne Ducos, will get a job in a well-known hotel in Cebu and a steaming bowl of “sinigang na hipon” when they arrive in Manila sometime this week.

Ople is closely coordinating with Jane Ampeloquio of the Hotel Academy in Cebu, in charge of training programs for employees of Days Hotel.

Ople said Days Hotel president James Concepcion is willing to hire the two OFWs in one of his hotels in Cebu city after they complete the required on-the-job training provided by the academy.

According to Rivera’s sister Jenny, the two OFWs are excited about the job offer.

After Rivera’s experience in Libya, her father, Jaime, said he would no longer allow her to work abroad. The family is eager to treat Diana to her favorite dish of “sinigang na hipon.”

The Ople Center has made arrangements for the family of Ducos to travel from Isabela to Manila as the labor department continues to work on travel arrangement for the returning OFWs and labor attache Nasser Mustafa.

Several non-government organizations are also planning to host a thanksgiving dinner to honor Mustafa, who spearheaded the rescue of the two Filipino workers.

“He is a hero not only in the eyes of Diana Jill and Mary Anne but also to us in civil society because he practically risked his life just to get these two OFWs out of harm’s way,” Ople said.

Accompanied by an embassy driver and a Libyan friend, the labor attache was able to identify the residence where the two women were being held against their will by their employer, after going back and forth to the area for 10 days.

“Just to be sure that they had the right residence, he had to request Mary Jane to climb up the roof of the house and wave. The rescue was done while the rest of the household was still asleep and as soon as Diana and Mary Anne were in his car, labor attache Mustafa instructed the driver to proceed to the border of Tunisia,” Ople said.


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