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  1. these photos focus on the areas that need to be fixed. right now people from all walks of life contribute their time to come and help restore the terraces. the govt has also released funds to fix the bigger damages and to improve the irrigation system as well…

  2. let us hope the buffer zones above the terraces get some attention too. Landslides occur because of so much water during the rainy season which the terraces can’t absorb after a long dry spell.

    • You are right, Amy.. That is why we are hard in encouraging and pushing our people to plant trees that are native to the place, to revive or boost the watersheds, to absorb the volume of water during downpours.. And the same to release water in summer. This takes a lot of patience to lead our people, but with patience and perseverance it can be done…

    • Agree, Amy.. We continue to encourage our people to reforest with native trees to improve the watersheds for erosion control and irrigation in summer. We also built a protection wall to preempt further damage, while the trees planted are still small and incapable to hold water.

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