This may surprise you.
I forgot how beautiful you really are and your picture brought it all back to me.
I also mean on the inside, the most important part. I know you will do very well because of your spirit and strength of will.
I will always wonder why — and I have on too many occasions I care to divulge — why I let you go. If in fact it was me or you who let go?
I always felt a connection that I never really told you I felt. I was afraid, and of course time has passed and things move on. I hope this does not make you feel (well, I don’t have the right words) something.
As I stand at my crossroads, my thoughts travel back in time to places and times, our time was something else and I regret not telling you what was going on in my head and heart. Once again I was afraid, an admission I find difficult to say.
I only assume you are well and, beating them off. I do not know what will happen next, so I’ll simply see what life has to offer. I hope and pray all will be well for you, but then I know whatever happens you will rise to it with the grace and strength of spirit you have.
Please take care and choose wisely as I know you will.
Always: P
autumn leaves



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